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A Pair of Postwar Packards

Glen S. Cook & Son, Commercial Photographers of Albany, New York were practicing their craft on these big top-of-the-line 23rd Series 1949 Custom Eight sedans, very possibly at the L.R. Mack Agency, in these undated photographs. Mack had been the distributor for Packard automobiles in Albany, N.Y. and the surrounding territory for many years, opening up around 1914 and closing the doors for good in 1949, so Cook might very well have been unwittingly documenting the last gasp of that long lived dealership.

These big Customs, with their 160 horsepower, nine main bearing, 356 cubic inch straight eights were smooth and strong runners. Perhaps Mr. Mack saw the handwriting on the wall when he bailed out of the business, as sales figures for the 23rd Series cars took a serious tumble the following year. Coincidently, there is still a company doing business as Glen S. Cook Commercial Photographers in the Albany area. Photos courtesy of Jerry Lettieri.

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