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A Gas Crunch in San Francisco

The caption on this 1934 photo tells us that it “shows motorists who were having trouble getting gas during a Longshore-men’s Strike in the San Francisco, California area”.  The newest car visible is a 1932 Chevrolet, on the far right behind the 1925 Chrysler two door sedan in the foreground. Associated was selling the “Flying A” brand of gasoline in three bays from what appear to be Gilbert & Barker pumps. Also note the display cases integrated into the canopy support pillars that put various products right in front of the customer while he waits for his fill up. Photo courtesy of the California State Library

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  1. That six year old Chrysler looks to be in good condition. In fact, when you look closely you’ll find that’s about the mean age of the ambient cars. Does any reader have information about the life-expectancy of 1920s cars?

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