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Back to Boomershine – Fine Cars, New and Used

Pontiac Indian Head logos abound in this shot of Boomershine’s used car lot in Atlanta, Georgia dated March 14, 1953. Although unacceptable by today’s standards, it was once one of the most recognized trademarks in the auto industry. You might recall that we speculated about the location of the repair shop in a previous post about the Boomershine Motor Company , and whether or not their new and used car departments were in the same place. This photo appears to indicate that they were indeed separate facilities, and that the service bays were attached to the new car showroom.


A view of the used car lot in 1953 from a different angle can be seen in the first thumbnail (above). The center photo (above) shows an open house at the Boomershine new car showroom dated November 30, 1951, and two 1952 Pontiacs, a convertible and a Catalina two door hardtop. The Catalina shows the revolutionary roofline that was a critical part of the sleek restyle that General Motors introduced across the board in 1949. The last shot (above), from September of 1958 shows the signage for a number of dealers along “auto row”. That’s Boomershine’s new car showroom at 425 Spring Street NW at Parker Street. All that neon must have looked just great at night.

Finally, we have a what appears to be a different used car lot location at 341 Spring photographed on February 16, 1964. Boomershine clearly didn’t want any potential customers to miss that address! Lane Brothers Photographers originally took these shots and they come to us courtesy of Georgia State University .

10 responses to “Back to Boomershine – Fine Cars, New and Used

  1. The Boomershine Used Car Lot was at the corner of Spring and Simpson Streets. When I was much younger may Dad was shop foreman for Dixie Weather Strip Co. on Simpson Street. The two businesses shared a common property line at the back of the dealership.
    Many times during the summer I would go to work with my Dad to make a little spending money. At the time I was to young for a drivers permit but it was always a treat to walk through the car lot and dream. In those days Clunkers lived on the back row before being sent to the Bone Yards.
    You are correct that the Boomershine Properties consisted of three lots, all of which were on Spring Street.
    Spring Street in the 50’s and 60’s was the go to place when shopping for a car, new are used. Thanks for the Memories, Jeff

  2. I worked for Boomershine from 1976 until 1998. Initially, I worked at Boomershine Datsun located on Ponce de Leon, and transferred to Pontiac in 1978. I sold cars from the 425 Spring Street location until the dealership was relocated to Cobb Parkway in 1978. The 425 Spring St. location would hold 52 cars on the showroom. We used to advertise “park indoors, shop indoors”. The Service Center was built in 1964 two blocks south and across the street at 390 Spring Street. The Service Center had the body shop in the basement, service stalls on the first and second floors, vehicle storage on the third floor and the open air roof. Between 425 and 390 Spring, we could store 400+ vehicles under cover with room for an additional 100 on the roof.

    Today, the MARTA station that straddles I-75 is located where the 425 building was located, and the Ivan Allen Plaza and the W hotel occupy the 390 Spring location.

    When we relocated to Cobb Parkway, we took the old “Chief” neon sign with us and repurposed it at the Smyrna location. The Boomershine family sold the Smyrna dealership in 1999, and I currently have the “Chief”, now fully restored in my garage at my home.

    • Cathy Shine was a friend in the late 1969 – 1970 years and I would like to say hello but I can’t find anything online. She was driving a new lemans conv. from the dealership one night taking my girlfriend home and it was raining, Me & the Girlfriend were having an argument. We were almost there when I said “Git It Cathy, an she did, Loss control an we ended up hitting a fire hydrant an messing up the new Pontiac really bad. Our other friends Head in the front seat busted the windshield, spent quite awhile at Erlanger that night. Lot of other things to reminese in the day if she is still around, Let me know if you or anyone could Help, Thanks Kemp Mason from N.C. an Now in TN. I always felt bad about this happening.

  3. I worked at the Boomershine Datsun Dealership on Ponce DeLeon for several years, it was next to Krispy Kreme donuts. I put on several pounds working there because on the Hot Light being on a few times a day.
    Loved my boss Larry Moody, and would have stayed there as long as he was there. After he left, I left within a week.
    I was at that time the number one new car salesman in Atlanta for retail sales. Billy Pyron was the top salesman for fleet sales. Mary Macs is still there, as is the liquor store across the street, and the Krispy Creme. Were the dealer ship was is now a Apartment building. We did have service there also until it moved to Spring Street.
    Boomershine gave each employee a turkey at Christmas time, and $15 for every car you sold for the year.

  4. Walter Boomershine was my great uncle . I remember my grand mother (his sister ) telling me about how he first moved to Charlotte , NC and then Atlanta and starting a car dealership. The last time I saw him was in 1965 when he visited my grand mother. Hopefully I will get to Atlanta one day and stop in one of the dealerships ! Enjoyed the photos of the car lots .

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