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California Dreaming on Route 66

Seems like Messrs. Kelty and Kish wanted to make it pretty easy for someone to get behind the wheel of this mildly customized 1949 Ford, featured so prominently on their front line. There may have been snow on the ground in Springfield, Illinois, where this photo was taken, but top down motoring in Los Angles was a mere 1900 miles away on “The Mother Road”, Route 66. Photo courtesy of Randy Miller via Joe Sonderman.

One response to “California Dreaming on Route 66

  1. The 1949 Ford convertible is equipped with port holes and one of those hideous pseudo-Packard Pelicans. This recalls that age when there was more money, in the world, than taste. These “modifications” were very common. In 1952, my 1932 Cadillac was missing its mascot and I found one at a drive in nailed to the hood of a 1950 Ford. It was in like new condition, original and a steal at $15.00 on the spot!

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