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Early steam race

Thanks to Ivan Pozega for research on this one. We believe this was a 5 mile race for steamers only, at Aquidneck Trotter Park, in Rhode Island, on September 6, 1900 (ten half-mile laps). Driving the car at left is John Jacob Astor, IV who came in second. What is the young lad doing in front of Astor’s car?

3 responses to “Early steam race

  1. Looks like the kid’s holding a string marking the starting line. The two judges (in front of #5 and #8) seem to be looking down at the string, as are the drivers of those two cars.

  2. The vehicle of the left, race number 4, is an early Toledo steamer with the side steering. If this is the race in Aquidneck Trotter Park on 9th September 1900 then I see from the results sheet that in the finals the best steamer completed the 10 miles in 10 minutes and 5 seconds, around 30 mph average; the best gasoline car in 8 min 54 secs, and the best electric car in 13 minutes and 5 secs.

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