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The Theodore Roosevelt International Highway

Journalists Reginald and Lawrence Moore are shown above with the pilot car for a pro-motion to celebrate the opening of the highway from Duluth, MN to Glacier National Park. The car on the left appears to be a Nash, the other is an unknown make and the official press and photographers car is seen below.

The road is a transcontinental run of almost four thousand miles, runs through the US and Canada from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon. There is limited information online about the highway put it appears to be the second major highway built to cross the country and was finished in the 1920s. The first was the Lincoln highway which we will cover at another time.

3 responses to “The Theodore Roosevelt International Highway

  1. It could be US Hwy 2 today which you can follow from Wisconsin to the west coast. It passes through Duluth and by the southern end of Glacier Nat Pk and on to Washington State.

  2. There is a part of NY Route 18 in northwestern Monroe County and extending into Orleans County that is called Roosevelt Highway. Might this be part of the Theodore Roosevelt Highway?

  3. As with many of the original U.S. routes, U.S. 2 occupied routes that had previously been part of named trails. For most of its length, U.S. 2 replaced the Theodore Roosevelt International Highway, a named trail from Portland, Maine, to Portland, Oregon, via Canada. The two routes coincided in part of Vermont and in the western portion, with a few short variations, through Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, and Spokane, Washington.

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