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Good Deals at John Smith Chevrolet In Atlanta, Georgia

It looks to us like the salesmen on the floor at the John Smith Chevrolet dealership in Atlanta, Georgia might have had a couple of good prospects on their hands if the owners of the two battered Chrysler products parked out front were inside shopping for a bargain on a new Chevrolet. The 1955 Cadillac behind the dowdy looking Dodge and Plymouth dramatically illustrates how far automotive styling had come in just a few years in the early 1950’s.

This photo, dated September 9, 1956, is another by the Lane Brothers Commercial Photographers and is used courtesy of the Georgia State University photo archives. You can see number of other items on The Old Motor relating to Atlanta’s automotive history here (scroll down).

5 responses to “Good Deals at John Smith Chevrolet In Atlanta, Georgia

  1. Tying to locate Fred (Trotty) Morton for inclusion in Americus High School class reunion. Please advise.

    Bill Ames
    Class of 1960
    3312 Hawthorne Road
    Rocky Mount, NC 27804

  2. I’m scouting locations for a TV series and looking for an old auto dealership circa 1971 in the Atlanta area. If anyone knows of any old auto dealerships that might be something else but could be restored back, let me know! Thanks!

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