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The McMillan Tire and Automobile Service Station – Part I

Today we’re featuring the first of three sets of photos that we’ll post in the next few days of a very busy McMillan Tire and Automobile Service Station located on Cascade Avenue in Atlanta, Georgia. These first shots date from October, 1946 and show a variety of older model cars getting all manner of attention. Parked in front of the ’33 or ’34 Ford coupe in the foreground is a ’33 Dodge sedan that appears to us to be a fairly rare eight cylinder DO model.

Our second image today shows the same location from another angle on the same day. The sparkling clean ’41 Ford Tudor on the right appears to be the newest car on the street. Not surprisingly, the Coca-Cola sign on the property is actually larger than the one advertising the Texaco (scroll down) gas sold at the station, since Atlanta was and continues to be the soft drink company’s home town. Stay tuned for Part Two in which we will reveal a different sort of “horsepower” passing by on the street. Photos courtesy of Georgia State University.

7 responses to “The McMillan Tire and Automobile Service Station – Part I

  1. Dave , any time you post new service station pictures , you ALWAYS Get my full attention ! Wonderful to see these archectural treasures saved for everyone to see !!!!!!!

  2. Great photos, thank you for sharing !

    This station was probably owned by one of my distant relatives…

  3. Ah, it even smells good! I can smell the mix of rubber and gear oil and hear tire irons ringing. Must be a dream. thanks!

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