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The McMillan Tire and Automobile Service Station – Part II

As promised in Part I, a horse of a different color presents itself here in our top photo. To be a bit more precise about it, the faithful four-legged friend parked on the left looks like a mule to us. Easily forgotten today is just how long horses and their near relatives remained on the scene in the cities of America providing necessary service, and not only in the South. The bedraggled Ford Model “A” on the right might have been around almost as long as that old mule.

By way of contrast, the brand spanking new Dodge D24 sedan on the right (above) was the latest thing to come out of Detroit when these photos were shot in 1946. Actually just a facelift of a dependable pre-war design, a car hungry public gobbled them up as quickly as Chrysler could build them after the long drought of the war years. If you enjoyed these photos, be sure to check out two other views of this station in Part I. Photos courtesy of Georgia State University.

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