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A Hudson at Mission Motor Service

A Mr. Wilson of  Walter M. Murphy Company poses with a very smart Hudson Super 6 Biddle & Smart Brougham at Mission Motor Service in Pasadena, California. Introduced in June of 1925, sources cite it as the most popular Biddle & Smart bodied  Hudson ever offered. Note the very stylish triple lines on rear fender that repeat a similar design on the fronts and the brightly trimmed drum type headlights. There’s a touch of irony in this photo, since Murphy was a prominent Pasadena based coach builder at the time.

In 1920, Harrison H. Boyce of  Motometer fame joined with New York  lawyer Paul Veeder to form Boyce & Veeder Corp. At first they produced automatic and hand operated fire extinguishers for cars, trucks and aircraft and later the Boyce-ite decarbonizer fuel additive, seen advertised on the small sign on the right in the top photo. Contemporary reports in trade journals state that the company ran into financial difficulties within a few years of it’s founding. Photo by Harold A. Parker courtesy of the Huntington Library.

4 responses to “A Hudson at Mission Motor Service

  1. Walter M Murphy is the Hudson dist on the west coast a seperate co then the coach building firm of that same name. Keep up the good work. R

  2. There is a former mission style Texaco Station that is now a restaurant located at Colorado & Pasadena Avenues on the Southeast corner, which would have been across the street from Walter M. Murphy Bodyworks. I wonder if this is the same mission style station in the photo? Also, just South of Colorado on Pasadena Ave. is the former Tanner Motor Livery. The building is still there but it has been repurposed.

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