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The Cliff House Beach

Ivan Pozega and myself must be on the very same wave length. He is in Australia and I am here in the US, we have never met in person nor have we spoken to each other. I was going to post these two photos along with the racing car he posted below later on today, as I finished up the post I was going to run on it last night. I have been using the photo above on my computer screen now for about a year because it is such a great photo.

The Lozier above is a big shaft drive four c.1910, converted into a speedcar and I thought that the people in the car were here to possibly watch a race on the beach. The photo below I believe is the same beach just a little closer to the famous Cliff House before it burned to the ground.

Can anyone tell us if there actually were any races held on this beach ? If we could find that out it may help with the Mystery Racer below in Ivan’s post.


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