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C. W. Roberts, Dealer in Studebaker Automobiles

We have to wonder if this tiny Studebaker agency sold their horse drawn products before they began hawking motor cars in the wide open spaces of Collingsworth County, Texas, where this photo was taken. It hadn’t been that many years since Studebaker stopped building them, and we don’t doubt that Old Dobbin was still the preferred method of transport in those parts back then.

The two men posing in front of the garage are identified as Thad R. Roberts and Harry L. Creed. We invite you to venture a guess about the year and model of the two circa 1915-1917  touring cars in the photo, which appear to be new. If you would like to learn a bit about the Red Sentry gasoline pump, check out an earlier post we’ve done that covers the early fuel dispenser. Today’s photo courtesy of the Collingsworth County Museum, Wellington, Texas and  The University of North Texas Libraries. Many more photos along with more information can be found on the Studebaker here on The Old Motor.

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  1. The thick line at the back edge of the hood would seem to indicate that the Studebaker on the left is a 1915 model. Most likely the dealership was in Wellington, Texas which was (and still is) the only substantial population center in the county. Roberts and Creed both resided in Wellington.

    Surprisingly, Studebaker was still building horse-drawn vehicles at this time. The last of their buggies, carriages, harnesses, etc., with one exception, were produced in 1919. In 1920 they built their final farm wagons. The value of just the 1923 Studebaker production exceeded the total value of all 68 years of Studebaker’s horse-drawn vehicle production.

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