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Wynn’s and Gilmore – Two Southern California Oil Companies

Before television and the internet, mobile advertising of both the audio and visual variety were smart ways to get your product into the public eye. In a big city like Los Angeles, a flashy rolling billboard like the 1929 Chevrolet truck used by Town Crier Advertising in the 1932 photo (above) might be seen by literally thousands of potential customers in the course a week. No doubt the damascened finish on the doors and body would stand out in traffic, and then the brilliant graphics would drive the message home. It reminds us a bit of the vinyl “vehicle wraps” that have proven so popular today, but must admit that we find this style quite a bit more attractive.

The tie-in between Peacock Gasoline and the famous Legion Ascot Speedway seems natural. We thought that the Caraba-Wynn Company that distributed it might be an ancestor of the company that produced Wynn’s Friction Proofing oil additive in later years but were unable to confirm that fact. We invite our readers to chime in with any information related to that point.

One response to “Wynn’s and Gilmore – Two Southern California Oil Companies

  1. Interesting that Caraba-Wynn is promoting their PEACOCK gasoline, instead of their WESTERN gasoline brand, for the Ascot race. I don’t recall ever seeing a PEACOCK truck in the pits, only WESTERN trucks. WESTERN and RICHFIELD were the major Ascot fuel suppliers, until GILMORE sponsored 6 cars in 1932. Then it was GILMORE and RICHFIELD. FYI… the Feb. 7 Ascot race was postponed due to rain.

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