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An Oil Field Dodge Brothers Takes You on a Thrilling Ride

During the oil boom in the early days of the last century, many of the roads in Texas were a bit on the primitive side, to put it mildly. Photos we have seen from that era, like the 1917 image of a Reo light truck seen below (via Clive Baker), show roads that are just a sea of mud. Enjoy the short film (above) where a Dodge Brothers sedan takes a wild ride through the Texas back country in the 1920’s. Many more Dodge Brothers photos (scroll down) and more information can be found here on The Old Motor.

9 responses to “An Oil Field Dodge Brothers Takes You on a Thrilling Ride

  1. Amazing film to say the least, but what really gets me is the sedan is dumped on its side and must be rolled over to be righted. Then it drives away?!? If nothing else it’s a great promotional film for the Dodge product.

  2. That Dodge in the oil field reminds me of that Tatraplan promotional of 1961. After rolling over they don’t even bother to check the oil!

  3. It appears in the roll-over film segment this was not a four-wheel drive vehicle, likely not available then. It’s even more remarkable the thing does what it shows in the flick if it’s truly only a two wheel rear drive automobile/truck. Would it have a locking rear differential? Anyone know? It must have had at least that.

  4. I watch this once a week. There isn’t anyone left who
    can work on these anymore.

    There are probably only six folks under 80 who know
    how to drive one.

    Blessed are those who have known these cars.

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