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The Airplane Filling Station – Knoxville, Tennessee


Chances are that you have seen a photo or a postcard of this well known and interesting gasoline station in the past. Just recently we were able to learn the full details of the Texaco Airplane Filling Station, which was built in 1929 by Henry and Elmer Nickle (pictured). The unique landmark was located on the Clinton Highway (near Callahan Road) in Knoxville, Tennessee. See all the details of this unique piece of Americana  in the thumbnails (below).


Photo courtesy of the Knox County Public Library. This station reminds us of an earlier post here about The Fish Inn and gasoline station. Many more  old filling station photos can be found here on The Old Motor.

12 responses to “The Airplane Filling Station – Knoxville, Tennessee

  1. David,
    Just can’t get enough of these old service station pictures. I would imagine this one is long gone, which is sad if it is. This is art in its own right, and should be preserved for posterity. You know, historical value.

  2. Hi : Just checking to see how the station is coming alone haven’t hear anything lately hope things are going well. Let me know how things go every now and then thanks A.C. Holt

  3. Yes this filling station is still there the last time I talk to Rock Bernard who is in charge of raising money to restore the station so I build a Diorama of it and had a clear acrylic cover made for it and sent it to them to auction off to help raise money.

  4. Yes it’s still there. It has been remodeled. The preservation group is trying to get it added as a registered landmark. This station was built by my great Grandfather. We are very pleased with the outcome.

  5. Dear Roch,
    I failed to mention in our conversation this morning, that I have several galvanized fuel cans that you can have also. They are labeled “The Texas Co.” which was not changed to “Texaco” until the 1950’s I believe. Ironic that the station was also branded Texaco. My Grandfather D.V.Thompson, Was associated with Texaco from 1923 until 1953 as a wholesale distributor in Camilla, Georgia where my mother’s family came from. We were the oldest wholesale distributor in the state when I sold the business in 1998.
    I take pleasure in the fact that the public will be able to the the station and an authentic Texaco pump of the period.

    Yours Truly,
    LCdr. James T. McIlvaine

  6. Good greif !
    It’s not Roch’s/roc’s/”Rock”‘s barber shop is it ?
    I grew up with him in southern Calif. in the late 50’s, early 60’s, and visited / stayed with him near Knoxville a bit a few years ago.
    He still had his barber shop at that time, not too far away.
    Thought he’d given up the profession for Lent.
    Mike Cockrell – Now in Ocala, Fl.
    Plane is looking great !!

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