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A Neon Night on Route 66 in Williams, Arizona

Just about 40 miles west of Flagstaff on old Route 66, Williams, Arizona might not have been big enough to rate a mention in that famous tune, but they sure were up to date when it came to neon signage. Almost every business along this stretch had invested in this flashy lighting system and we can only imagine how bright his scene must have appeared in full color. The famous Packard dealer, Earl C. Anthony, bought the first neon signs seen in this country from George Claude’s French company, “Claude Neon”, in 1923.

After losing ground to more modern technology for many decades, this colorful method of illumination has enjoyed a popular revival in recent years. You can see a brief video history of the neon sign in the video just below. Top photo courtesy of the Joe Sonderman Collection and the video is courtesy CBS Sunday Morning.

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