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Aloha Wanderwell – The Story of a World Traveler

The Aloha Wanderwell story is about a long and very adventurous seven-year journey around the world in a Model “T” Ford, that she undertook after joining up with the Wanderwell Expedition. The adventure was organized and undertaken by Captain Walter Wanderwell and at one point was transported by as many as four specially modified Fords.

L to R below; Captain Walter Wanderwell and one of the Fords; Aloha in a very interesting photo were she is standing on the cowl of a Model “T” as it is loaded onto a ship in Shanghai, China; A postcard with a map showing the cars and crew after she and  Captain Wanderwell had married.


The recently published book, Aloha Wanderwell “Call to Adventure” is the true story of the adventure. It has been written by Aloha Baker, Alan Boyd, Tracy Landecker and edited by Richard Diamond who is a grandson and representative for the family of Aloha Wanderwell and the Wanderwell Expeditions.

They have put together a very interesting sample reel for a proposed full-length documentary “Aloha Wanderwell’s Driving Passion”, which you can see (below) to learn more of the story, it is filled with some great period footage including many of the cars and tells a bit more of the story. A visit to the  Aloha Wanderwell  site is well worth the time and there you will fine many more photos, links and further information.

13 responses to “Aloha Wanderwell – The Story of a World Traveler

  1. Apparently they are looking for a major full length motion picture contract here. Amazing story and well deserving of new film.
    Could not help but think of my young granddaughter and put her into this position to tweak the interest and imagination and pioneer spirit.
    Thank you for posting this!

      • Yes the new book is available as a Kindle download from Amazon as well as you can get it in “Print on Demand” meaning at Amazon they show it in paperback. It will be printed after you order. Please take a look at the website and Aloha’s Facebook page for some great photo’s and information about the First Woman to have Driven Around the World, starting at 16 years old, in 1922 !

  2. Agreeing with Wayne about a full length motion picture, this amazing story cries out for it. What a production this would be. On a sad note to this story, Captain Wanderwell’s unsolved murder was like sucking all the life out of this great adventure, and I wonder if there was a political thing going on that brought him to his untimely death. That said, it didn’t slow Aloha down, a true woman of strength and courage. I can see why Walter was so smitten by her. What an amazing story. Yes, it needs to be filmed for the sliver screen.

  3. Thanks jsfury.
    We started with one of the biggest, CMG, they were very instrumental in creating the trademarks and copyrights on all of the photos and films. The “Brand” covers the name and likeness of Aloha Wanderwell Baker, and the Wanderwell Expeditions. CMG and Aloha have parted ways but the Brand remains intact. Wonder if CAA, WME, or TGA are interested..? is that the phone I hear……

  4. Well David, your going to like this, I have just open storage boxes containing 281 Automobile badges (of courage) from 3 World Tours from The Wanderwell and Baker Expeditions. They came from the cities that Aloha visited as she drove around the world and some were made just for Aloha and Walter. Side note…. Aloha had Wellington Everett Miller look them over 1977. They are in most pictures of the automobiles 1922-1937

  5. I’ve just read an amazing article the The Sunday Times about Aloha and Walter Wanderwell. The article states that 110 years ago this week Aloha Wanderwell was born in Winnipeg, Canada.
    Please satisfy my intense curiosity. What happened to the two children of the pair. Valri (born in 1925) and Nile? (Born in 1927)
    I really appreciate your response.
    Warm regards
    Christine Swartz (Cape Town)

    • Nile W Baker is currently in Southern California being taken care of by his son

      Aloha became an American at a very early age. She had already started the around the world journey at 16, her parents were English and she lived most all her life with Walter Baker in Newport Beach Calif. 1945-1996

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