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Cheeseman’s Goodyear Tire and Service Garage

The big neon rooftop sign left little doubt what brand of tires were sold at Cheeseman’s, located at 898 Seymour Street in Vancouver, B.C. It’s July 20, 1936, and the information provided with the image says that it was a brand new establishment at the time. This is one of two auto related businesses owned by a Cheeseman in Vancouver that we have come across, the other being an Auburn agency. We will post a picture of that one here in the near future.

  •                This pair of photos show the action at the pumps and lift. 

Such a clean and brightly lit facility must have been a welcome sight for motorists seeking fuel, oil or repairs at a late hour. In fact, the apparent lack of exterior doors makes us wonder if this facility was open 24 hours a day as many were back then. You can find more Goodyear related posts  on The Old Motor and lots of  gas station pictures, too. Images by photographer Stuart Thomson, courtesy of the City of Vancouver.

7 responses to “Cheeseman’s Goodyear Tire and Service Garage

  1. I worked at a shop that the owner would not let us close the doors no matter what the weather was like, I have worked with snow drifting around my feet. He thought the place looked closed when they were shut.
    That shop was about 50 miles south of downtown Vancouver just across the line.

    • Interesting, He could have bought an OPEN sign and let the workers have a bit of comfort.

      37 years ago my first shop had no heat and I worked out of it for a couple of years. The second one was a little better, but not much so I have an idea of how you suffered in the cold.

  2. I don’t know what it is about old service stations that catch my interest, but this one is an absolute beauty. Fuel pumps and lifts under one giant roof?! I love it. Ideally this would be perfect for the South West U.S. with those wide open areas, but Vancouver? Damn, that’s got to be cold come winter. Wonder if this establishment is still around?

  3. Vancouver is much like Seattle in the winter. Most years are not that bad, only a few weeks below freezing. Months of cool ,gray, rainy days however.

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