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Pinching Pennies with the New 1937 Dodge Trucks

Although Dodge updated the styling of their light truck line to a new streamlined design in 1936, the revamp didn’t reach their medium duty offerings until 1937, following what the White Motor Company started in 1935 with their Model 704S (scroll down). In this photo, taken at a Plymouth and Dodge dealer in the Charlottesville, Virginia, we see two examples of that more modern look.

Engines across the various weight classes were all inline flathead sixes in 201, 218, 242 and 310 cubic inch displacements. While a bold claim was being made here about the enormous fuel savings that could be achieved operating one of these trucks, that statement begs the question: compared to what? Image by Rufus W. Holsinger, courtesy of the University of Virginia.

2 responses to “Pinching Pennies with the New 1937 Dodge Trucks

  1. They made some little tin toy savings banks just like the barrels. Not sure if they are from the same era as the real ones in the photo.

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