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A Pair of Willys 77 Panel Trucks – Vancouver, B.C., c.1936

A rare sight today is an unmodified Willys 77. Rarer still would be a panel truck or sedan delivery like the two seen above in this August 20, 1936 photo shot at Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park in Vancouver, B.C. The Packard parts chaser on the right and in the right thumbnail (below) appears to wear factory coachwork, while the other has a decidedly British look to it. Although the arched side window and raised roof echo designs from across the pond, we suspect it’s the product of a Canadian firm. Any input from our readers about it’s origins would be most welcome.


The article from the January 7, 1933 issue of Automotive Industries that starts in the center thumbnail (above) and is continued below goes into great detail about the mechanical features of this little economy car, not the least of which is it’s all-steel body construction. Also of note is their description of the six cylinder Willys 99, a model that we were previously unaware of.

You can learn more about the Willys 77 designer Amos Northup and his other work on Hemmings Daily. Today’s image by Stuart Thomson is courtesy of the City of Vancouver. Many more photos of the 1933-1936 Willys Model 77 can be seen in the photo gallery at the Willys-Overland Knight Registry.


3 responses to “A Pair of Willys 77 Panel Trucks – Vancouver, B.C., c.1936

  1. If you have EITHER one (or both) of these Willys Panel Deliverys in storage – please give me a call. Collect if you really have to!!! Likewise if you have any info about City Bakery or Packard Motor Trucks?

  2. Tom , I don’t have either of those actual trucks but I do have remnants of a 1935 Willys Panel Delivery and a Complete 1936 Willys Panel Delivery .
    I have been told that there was 88 made in 1935 and 370 made in 1936 .
    I am considering replicating the custom coach built Delivery in that photo using a spare 36 Willys Cowl and front clip that I have here .
    I did hear about a guy in Vancouver years ago that had two Panel Deliveries in a shed and mostly disassembled . I believe they were eventually sent to scrap .
    I also have a very rare 1 of only 5 1941 Willys Woodie and a 1940 Willys Coupe .
    I wonder if John North Willys every expected us to be on a never ending search for his little economy cars ?
    Rob in Maple Ridge BC Sept 27 2015

  3. We have a 1936 Sedan delivery that was partially hot rodded but needs a lot of work. The main problem is the belt line from the doors to the rear door is missing and needs to be rolled and manufactured and fit. Do you know of anyone that can make that piece? I would love to put this thing back on the road as a street rod.

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