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Dueck-Nicoll Motors – Vancouver, British Columbia, c.1944

This 1941 Chevy is getting a good going over on the lube rack at Dueck-Nicoll Motors located at 1305 West Broadway in Vancouver, B.C. While regular car maintenance is always important, it became critical during the war years when no one knew when civilian car production would resume. The owner of this coupé was quite fortunate to have purchased a car that was built in the year before the assembly lines shut down. He stood a much better chance of getting it through the crisis without any major repairs than others who had to nurse older models along.

The sedan delivery service car below looks like it might be a super rare 1942 model. Further evidence of this being during war time is that the driver appears to be a woman. While not entirely unheard of in those days, it’s much more likely that this position was held by a man in peacetime. The Dueck half of the partnership is still doing business in Vancouver with General Motors dealerships in three locations. You can follow the link to find many more entertaining photos of garages and car dealers here on The Old Motor. Both photos are by Donn B.A. Williams and are used here courtesy of the City of Vancouver.

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