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Motor-Car Boat Portage – 1906 Style with a Maxwell Roadster

The week has flown by and Friday is upon us once again, and if you are the type that likes to spend some time fishing on the weekend, check out how Mr H.C. Ervin did it back in 1906 with his Maxwell roadster and boat. The photo and the text below is from the April, 1906 Motor magazine. In the article it tells us just how the clever Minnesota motorist went “A-Fishin” with his Michigan Steel Boat Co. sectional steel boat.

4 responses to “Motor-Car Boat Portage – 1906 Style with a Maxwell Roadster

  1. Was this boat-tail roadster ‘avant la lettre’ the inspiration for Labourdette c.s.? The boat by the way looks like the one featuring in the French movie ‘Monsieur Hulot en vacances’ by Jacques Tati (no French knowledge necessary to watch the movie, there is no real talking). In the specific scene M. Hulot gets trapped inside the two halves of the boat ( Watch the trailer on YouTube (, if it was only because of his car!

    • Jacques Tati is a genius and that is his best movie by far. I have always wondered what the cycle-car was that he went on vacation in. Thanks for the answer! Was it as single cylinder? It sounded like it. That scene at the cemetery with the wreath in the form of tyre deflating has to be one of the all time great sight gags! Thanks for the information!

  2. La vacance de monsieur Hulot is a very funny film. The cycle car (which I assume was French) is the subject of lots of sight gags! I would also like to know if it is a real one or a mock up for the film? The sound track has it back-firing all the time. There are several scenes with traffic of the period (1954-5?).

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