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The Shakespeare Bugatti Collection Returns Home to France, 1964

The New York Times printed a story  in their Collectible Cars section that was first covered in Automobile Quarterly Magazine about the sale of the John W. Shakespeare collection of rare Bugattis and it’s return home to France. After extended negotiations by Hugh Conway and Bob Shaw, the cars were sold to Fritz Schlumpf and shipped to France to join the Schlumpf Collection.

We think that this remains as one of the great stories of car collecting. You can view the very interesting slide show at the N.Y. Times that shows and tells the intriguing details. Photos by David Gulick courtesy of The New York Times and the newspaper’s Collectible Cars section.


2 responses to “The Shakespeare Bugatti Collection Returns Home to France, 1964

  1. Two stelvio’s (T57) were given to the brokers who did the deal. I have become the more than owner of 51507 the 57C with Gangloff body and which is in the process of being restored to former glory, but trying to maintain as much originality as possibly. Back on the road in 2014

  2. Great job on the Shakespeare Bugatti collection . On u- tube is another great story on John w Shakespeare’s Bugatti cars called : The Bugatti List.

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