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An Early Repair Garage


Photos of early garages are very interesting if you study the contents. Here we have a Center-Door Model T and a Harley-Davidson with its sidecar detached. These vehicles might date the photo to the mid twenties. The overhead shafts and belting might have powered a lathe and a drill press over on the sidewall. There is also a quite deluxe 8-day regulator clock up on the wall over the bench.

The one thing that is very different from today are the big windows for light and what possibly looks like a sky light in the top left of the photo. Back in this time electric lighting was sparse and natural day light was what most people worked by.

2 responses to “An Early Repair Garage

  1. Natural light was necessary but notice the light on the ceiling in front of the center window. It has atleast 6 bulbs that I can count and then there is a “trouble light” setting on the rear fender of the Harley.
    The line shafting is interesting. The back corner has three belts running floor to ceiling and one has to be atleast 4″ wide yet you can’t see any large equipment. Notice the what appears to be Lancaster Blower and Forge Co. post drill just behind the guy looking through the tire.

  2. I’m thinking that the wide belt in the corner is driven by an electric motor on the floor. There is no other source of power visible. Also there are two narrow belts running off to the right from the shaft in the center of the photo. The main drive belt would be the heaviest.

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