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Reitz Auto Service – Friendship, Wisconsin, 1928

As was so typical of small town automobile agencies in the 1920’s Reitz Auto Service could very well have been a stable or blacksmith’s shop just a few years before this photo was taken. And with a population of only 686 in 2012, this little village located about 80 miles north of Madison couldn’t have been much smaller. It appears that the two cars in our photo are a 1928 Chevrolet, without the optional front bumper and a Buick of similar vintage.

It also appears that Mr. Reitz appreciated the rural life enough to provide his feathered friends with some deluxe accommodations. Note the birdie condominium atop the building facade just above the Chevrolet sign. You can find many more posts about repair shops and auto agencies, two of our favorite subjects, on The Old Motor. Taylor Brothers photo courtesy of the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse Murphy Library.

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