Lock Up Your Dogs, Chickens, Pigs and Children – An adventure that you cannot resist!

Thanks to reader Antonio Lombardi for bringing our attention to the trailer (below), which we think you will really enjoy, of the upcoming movie Pistons, Passions, & Sicilian Pleasures. You can learn all about the production in which the two main charters are Ignazio Florio and Felice Nazzaro and a plot that involves the famous Targa Florio automobile race. View the video and see some interesting prewar racing cars and the beautiful countryside in Sicily. You can also learn more about it at Upfolds Media.

1928 Targa Florio : Count Conelli’s Bugatti (above) by Peter Helck courtesy of the Helck Family.

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3 Responses to Lock Up Your Dogs, Chickens, Pigs and Children – An adventure that you cannot resist!

  1. jsfury says:

    This looks like a great movie, if one can read the sub titles fast enough. The seating is, of course, beautiful and the collection of pre war race cars will no doubt be great to see and watch in action. Sadly I get the feeling this will not come to local theaters as it is an artsy film that doesn’t get much attention in smaller cities and towns around the country. However, should it make it’s way to us, and hit the silver screen, I’ll definitely see it. Something about seeing a movie on the wide screen that beats the biggest of flat screen TV every time.

  2. doug says:

    Looks like a must watch. Thanks for your effort as always David.

  3. Terry Pepper says:

    back then cars were so mechanical . just amazing .

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