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Tru-Penn, “The Oilier Oil” – An Old Motor Merchandising Mystery

While we might think of the combination gas station/convenience stores that are on almost every street corner these days as fairly recent developments, our feature photo today proves that’s not necessarily the case. The image came with no information about it’s date or location, so we invite you to tell us about it in your replies. The general appearance of the place and the clothing styles make it look like it’s from the 1930’s.

The signage also gave us some clues. Turret Cigarettes were produced by Ogden’s of Liverpool, a division of Imperial Tobacco, Canada. O’keefe’s Ginger Beer was also a Canadian product, as was Neilson’s Jersey Milk Chocolate. But Tru-Penn was a trademark of American Lubricants located at 1575 Clinton Street in Buffalo, N.Y. So where do you think this neat little station was, in the U.S. or Canada? And when was it open for business? You’ll find many more photos of old time gasoline stations on The Old Motor. Photo courtesy of The Henry Ford.

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