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Mr. Ueber’s Excellent Emporium of Gasoline and Beer

Surely one of the most elaborate examples of signage we’ve ever seen, Mr. Euber’s ornate mural borders on being folk art. The pastoral scene on the left contrasts sharply with the dire recovery scene on the right which clearly makes the point that no job was too big for his wrecker service. The placard out front advertising five cent beer offers the promise of affordable solace to the poor motorist whose car had just been brought in on the hook.

We do not know location of this distinctive enterprise other than it was in the New Orleans area. If any of our readers can find any of the details of the station or it’s location please send us a comment. You can also find many more photos of service stations and tow trucks  here on The Old Motor. Photo courtesy of the Louisiana Digital Library.

2 responses to “Mr. Ueber’s Excellent Emporium of Gasoline and Beer

  1. It was owned by William C. Ueber and was located at 3527 St. Claude Avenue in the 9th Ward. It was also his residence (lived in back – worked in front). It appears that a parking lot may occupy the site now. In the 1940 census he is listed as being 50 years old and still at that location.

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