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The Old Motor Quiz

Here are three different motorcycle makes and a handful of interesting automobiles that should be fun to identify. There are no winners here but if i get haggled long enough i’ll send the person/persons who guessed correctly a jar of Vegemite.

4 responses to “The Old Motor Quiz

  1. Hi,

    I thought I had already answered some of this but appears not to be up?

    The car on the far left appears to be a cca 1912 Wanderer Pupchen. The one next to it is a cca 1911 Georges Roy. Not enough of the next to see to identify, and so with the one next door. Same for the car in the corner. The car on the far left seems from the steering position to possibly be a UK built Ford Model T .

    As I prefer Marmite, I leave the bikes to others!



    PS is the name Pozega of Yugo origin?

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