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The Illinois State Police Suggest That You Check Your Speed

One look at this stern faced group is all it took to convince us it was no idle suggestion. In our digital age of radar and laser speed guns and roadside robo-cops, this 1959 Ford decked out with an enormous analog speedometer might seem quaint, but we suspect that these lawmen might have had a few tricks of their own up their sleeves.

Surely, any motorist they nabbed couldn’t use the excuse that his speedometer wasn’t reading right. You’ll find and more Missouri and Route 66 related photos and articles from the Joe Sonderman Collection previously posted on here The Old Motor. Take a moment to check out Joe’s new book on Route 66 in Texas.

5 responses to “The Illinois State Police Suggest That You Check Your Speed

  1. Sorry, this appears to be the Ill. state police, not Mo. Mo. was called the “state patrol” in the old days. Now they are called the “state highway patrol”. To my experience the state boys in Mo. have been the fairest police dept. in the whole state. If you make a mistake they usually let you off with a warning, unlike some of the locals.

      • As you pass into Oklahoma from any bordering state you are greeted with the injunction “watch your speed, we are” I wrote to the local rag that what Oklahoma needed was a mail in contest for suggestions about what we are….essentially! They could have been grammatically correct and saved themselves an extra letter by simply substituting “do” for “are”! Perhaps I’m just a pedant!

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