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Alfred T. Layne and Daisy D’Avara, Early Vancouver Motorcyclists

Vaudeville performers Alfred T. Leece and Daisy D’Avara, a husband and wife team, were involved with the Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver, B.C. Canada, after it opened in 1927. This set of photos appear to be from an earlier time that may have been in the teens. The images show the couple’s V-Twin Indian motorcycles with sidecars. What really caught our eye, though, was the machine and sidecar equipped with a top with see-through panels and full side and front curtains for both rider and passenger.


The three photos of the combination show that it would have allowed the couple to use it year round in Vancouver, were the average temperature is around 50 degrees Fahrenheit. July and August are usually dry and in contrast to the summer, the rest of the year can be quite rainy especially between October and March. We assume that the lower photo is of an earlier machine possibly with a British sidecar carrying a wicker seat. If you can date the machines or tell us more about the sidecars and the top, please send us a comment. Photos courtesy of the City of Vancouver.

3 responses to “Alfred T. Layne and Daisy D’Avara, Early Vancouver Motorcyclists

  1. This is so fun to see! This is my great great great Uncle Bob! His real name was Robert Alfred Leece. He was not only an actor, but an artist as well. I have a painting of his. My great grandfather was Bennet Major Leece and my Uncle Bob’s brother. I do not know about the machines, though. I would guess they are from the late 19teens to early 1920s. I will see if I can find out more.

    • According to the Vancouver Archives site , the photo with the wicker chair sidecar is 1905 , the others are 1909.
      There are numerous photos of the couple on the website , from various performances if family members are interested. Does anyone know who the lady in the 1905 photo is?

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