Giants Despair Road Racing

With the demise of the 3.5 mile Brynfan Tyddyn road course in 1956, the Giants Despair Hillclimb Association was determined to re-establish road racing as part of it’s annual event and in 1958 a new course was chosen at Berwick, a short distance from Wilkes-Barre. This egg shaped 1 mile closed circuit was far from exciting but it was alot safer and it drew a fair amount of entries, some who went onto bigger things such as Roger Penske, seen here in the first photo, driving away from the field in a Porsche RSK in the modified race of 1959. In the second photo, a Lotus 11 awaits the start with two ELVA’s.

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  2. Paul Wilson says:

    Great picture of that starting grid. It’s likely that the Elva Mark II that I own, 100/35, is the white one behind the red Lotus. I’ll send you a picture if you’ll tell me how.

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