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The Old Motor is a comprehensive online vintage automobile magazine that is updated daily with fresh content and published in Brattleboro, Vermont. Featured are well over seventeen-thousand classic car, antique car and old car photos and videos along with information about them. In addition, a quick look at our categories menu will show you other sections that cover antique motorcycles, antique trucks, steam cars, old gasoline stations, old repair garage and old dealership photos and more.

The home page is a mixing pot where all photos enter in the order that they are posted. Many people enjoy this format because it is like a treasure hunt; you never know what automotive oddity or masterpiece you might see next. All of the photographs are enlargeable, providing that the file size is larger than the one shown on the page simply by clicking on them.

If you have any exceptional old car photos of your own that you would like to share with our audience, we would interested in learning about them. Contact us here and leave your email address that will remain private and we will contact you.

We also include work from contemporary vintage automotive photographers and artists, and welcome submissions from either.

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