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“Cover the Earth” with Junk Cars

To add to the series of salvage yard photos already posted here on the site today’s feature contains a set of artsy images by photographer Bob Fitch. The images were taken in 1971 at a former scrap yard located in Emeryville, CA, just west of a Sherwin Williams paint factory that was located on Sherwin…

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1930s Ford Super-Service Stations

In an effort to capture a larger market share in 1935 the Ford Motor Company was promoting “Ford Super Service Stations” which were service garages that also sold gasoline, parts, accessories and new cars. The concept was not a new one as the Automaker sold franchises for similar operations as early as 1914. In 1931…

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Disneyland Mark I Autopia Cars

In the early-1950s when the US Interstate Highway System was still yet to come, Walt Disney, who began planning to build Disneyland in 1948 decided to incorporate “Autopia” in the amusement park he was building at Anaheim, CA. This highway of the future ride was constructed at the new park and traveled by miniature two…

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