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An Associated Gas Station Grand Opening – Portland, Oregon 1938

An Associated Oil Company Gasoline Station opening, Portland, Oregon  The spotlights are blazing above at an Associated Oil Company Gasoline Station opening at Southwest Broadway and West Burnside in Portland, Oregon in 1938. According to Vintage Portland, this gas station replaced the Hotel Scott building. The local business that ran this particular operation was the Cummings Tire Company. This image is…

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The Saginaw Cyclecar Celebrates its Centennial

The Saginaw Cyclecar advertised in the August 1914 “Popular Mechanics” The Castle Museum of Saginaw, Michigan had its hometown version of the cyclecar out today for a drive around Hoyt Park, 100-years after it was first built. The little car like many others of its type, was part of a short-lived two-year fad that started in 1912. Produced…

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