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The 37th Annual New England Auto Auction at Owls Head

Ex. A.K. Miller 1923 H.C.S. Touring Car The Owls Head Transportation Museum in Mid-Coast Maine is a non-profit educational organization. Its mission is to collect, preserve, exhibit and demonstrate early aircraft, ground vehicles, engines and related technologies significant to the evolution of transportation in the State of Maine. Every year for the last thirty-seven years Owls…

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* Up-Dated * George Dewitt’s Gila Monster Racing Car

Dewitt’s “Gila Monster” at Galveston Beach, “Auto Topics” October, 19, 1912 In Yesterday’s feature, it was mentioned how William Muller the designer of the Ruxton was influenced by George Dewitt’s front-wheel-drive Gila Monster. More investigation revealed that Muller drove the car in 1913 while at the Galveson Beach Races in Texas. We have found this car…

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The Sunday Edition No. VIII – The Parking Problem Solved – The Disturber IV – A Pickwick NightCoach – A Studebaker Electric Car Hauler

Today’s Sunday Edition video was filmed in France during 1927 and shows a Citroen with its steering modified so that it can turn around in a circle. An interesting thing noted about this car is that the front axle has the same proportions of that used on the Model T Ford and appears that it may be one. Let us…

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