An Auburn and A Ford Tri-Motor Help to Promote India Tires in Los Angeles

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  • An Auburn Sedan and a Ford Tri-Motor at the Burbank, California Airport

In promotional photos, the surroundings or things that a product is associated with have a large impact on the public’s perception of that object. In this case a set of photos was taken in 1928 for the India Tire & Rubber Co. of Akron, Ohio to promote its tires and a Auburn Sedan and a Ford Tri-Motor airplane were used for effect. India had a long history of building quality tires that were sold across the country.

The Auburn is dated 1927 or earlier and is one of several six and eight-cylinder models that the company was building at the time; if you can identify its exact year and model, please send us a comment. You can learn quite a bit here on The Old Motor about the automakers offerings in this period, and also see an informative video of a 1927 film by the Auburn Automobile Co. here.

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According to the Maddox Family website: “In the spring of 1927, John Luther Maddux took delivery of his first Ford “Tri-Motor” airplane. Maddux Airlines was formed September 2, 1927 and its first flight was on November 1, 1928 from Burbank Airport to San Diego’s Lindbergh Field.”

“By mid-1929, Maddox had 16 Tri-Motors and two smaller planes which he used for private charter. Business was booming, but the risks were great and he was unable to obtain an airmail contract. To get the government’s support, Jack merged the airline with Transcontinental Air Transport on November 16, 1929.” You can learn the rest of the interesting Maddux Airlines story here.


The excellent video below is from the Tri-Motor Heritage Foundation in Clinton, Ohio. The production gives a very interesting account of the Tri-Motor history, and also the organization that is in the process of building an authentic replica so it can have a flying version of the craft; the airplane was an important part of travel in that area in the period. You can also strap in and go for a ride in a restored Tri-Motor at a recent fly-in at Trimotor Heritage Foundation. All photos are courtesy of the USC Libraries.

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A Tatra Traveling from the Czech Republic to Pebble Beach

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  • Pavel Kasik out in his first test drive this spring in the Tatra T77

A few days ago we covered a Toledo Steam Car that was on its way to the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, and today we feature a car that is coming from even farther away to attend. Pavel Kasik of the Czech Republic just completed a 20-year long restoration of his Tatra T77, and then sent it along on an overseas journey of over four-thousand miles. Seven other Tatra’s will also be attending this year, and more are coming from the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Canada and the United States.

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  • The Tatra T77 before restoration in the mid-1990s

Kasik’s family briefly owned a Tatra in the late 1970s and from that time on he was determined to find an early one to restore. In 1991, he came across this car but then had to endure nearly three years of negotiations while the owner constantly changed the conditions and increased the price. After persevering and competing with other would be buyers he was finally able to take ownership.

His determination to perform a first-class restoration using only original parts lengthened the restoration time to 20 years. You can learn much more about the cars and also see a great video about the Tatra here on The Old Motor and the Pebble Beach Concours here.

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Racer Joe Jagersberger and an Exceptional Early Mystery Car


Joe Jagersberger, a well-known early racer and riding mechanic, is posed above in an uncommon circa 1904-1907 automobile that appears to be wearing custom coachwork. We are going to use it to test our knowledgeable readers who we are confident will be able to identify it. Send us a comment telling us what make, model and year you believe it is, and we will reveal the results on Friday morning. In the meantime, you can learn more about Jagersberger and the RAJO Ford racing parts he later manufactured here on The Old Motor. The photo is courtesy of racing historian Kem Robertson.

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