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The Chicagoan, a Sports Car by Triplex Industries


A model showing the custom interior of the “Chicagoan” at the Chicago Auto Show, March 13, 1954. A little over three years ago the press photo at the bottom of this post was found showing the Chicagoan’s debut at the Chicago Auto Show in the Windy City on March 13, 1954. That image shows model…

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Repair Row – Montclair, New Jersey

A Mercer Raceabout, Model T Ford Speedster and a Stutz Touring car in Montclair, New Jersey. Many towns and cities usually have an area where older or inexpensive new buildings are located that cater to industrial uses and the service trades. This circa early-1920s photo courtesy of Charles Heyer shows what appears to be one of…

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Lime Rock Park Historic Festival 32 – Group Two Racing Action


Since its start in 1983, Lime Rock’s Historic Festival has become the East Coast’s premier vintage and historic racing event of the year. This year the Honored Guest was Sir Stirling Moss, who was accompanied with his wife Lady Susie. Ralph Lauren was named the Honored Collector this year and a number of magnificent cars from…

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The National Automotive School, Los Angeles, California

National Auto School 1926 vintage street scene

This pair of photos shows the National Automotive School that was located at 4006 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, California, in a large building topped with some very impressive signage (the building has not survived). The image above is circa 1926, and shows an excellent view of the front of the learning establishment which also…

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Sunday in the Park Concours – Lime Rock Park Historic Festival

1933 Alfa Romeo 8C 2300

Lime Rock Park’s Sunday in the Park Concours d’Elegance, a Northeastern institution, was held last weekend on September 1; it attracted 224 vehicles in 29 classes. After the judging of a field filled with outstanding cars was completed, a 1933 Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 owned by Peter Sachs, won the Best of Show award. When new,…

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* Up Dated * A Few More Automotive Oddities to Ponder

Today, like last Saturday, we have an assortment of interesting photos from a network of friends in Europe who like vehicles that are unusual and a bit off the beaten track. The little three-wheeled car above is a Microbo that was powered by a 125cc engine; it appears that it was made in Milan, Italy, for a…

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Motorcycles and Hill Climbing in the Beloit, Wisconsin Area

1920s Indian motorcycle hill climber 1920s harley-davidson and side car

The motorcycle, just like the automobile, was used in competitive events of all types in the early 1900s, and the motorcycle hill climb soon became a very popular sport. Harland Krause was a rider who during a timespan of twenty or thirty years was very active in the sport in both the Beloit, Wisconsin and…

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The Old Motor Debut – Welcome to the New Site


Welcome to the first new feature page here on the latest version of The Old Motor. Over three and a half years have passed since the site started in January of 2011, and in the meantime there have been changes in the way the internet is accessed. Smart phones and tablets are used by many today, and this…

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Recreating the 1927 Frank Lockhart Intercooler – Part I

Frank Lockhart and the Perfect Circle Miller Special – Indianapolis 1927. By Lee Stohr:  During the winter of 1926 and 1927, at the age of only 23, American racing car driver Frank Lockhart developed an intercooler for his Miller 91 c.i. racing engine. The straight-eight engine designed by Harry A. Miller, featured a centrifugal supercharger…

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The Eads Motor Co., Lexington Kentucky and two Ford Racing Cars

Ford-based racing cars and a Graham in front of the Eads Motor Co. The Eads Motor Co. pictured above was located at 256 East Main Street in Lexington, Kentucky. Little is known about the operation other than what can be found on the signage on the front of the building. The agency handled Diamond T…

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