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The State-Record Publishing Company Volkswagen Fleet

“The State” newspaper, first printed and founded in 1891 is located in Columbia, South Carolina, the State’s Capitol City, it is owned and operated by the State-Record Publishing Company. In 1945, the Newspaper bought its main competition “The Columbia Record” and merged the two publications. Later in the mid-1950s the Company relocated to this building on George Roberts…

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Spindizzies and Tether Cars – Early Miniature Model Racers

Like many automotive fads and trends, the miniature car racing movement apparently started in California in the late-1930s by individuals who constructed cars using small gasoline-powered two-stroke model airplane engines. After learning more about the little racing cars recently, and viewing some of the interesting pre and post-war newsreel films covering “spindizzies” and “tether” racing cars…

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Streamline Test Car: The McQuay-Norris Tear Droppers

McQuay-Norris was a manufacturer of high-quality aftermarket engine and chassis and chassis parts located in St. Louis, Missouri. In 1932 the Company had a series of six “Tear Drop” Test Cars built on either Model “A” Ford or 1932 Ford chassis’ by the Hill Auto Body Metal Co. of Cincinnati, Ohio. The attention-getting-egg-shaped McQuay-Norris tear droppers…

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