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A Triumph in Bar Harbor Maine

Another photo from the Alden Handy collection, which shows us he must have liked to travel a bit, as here we see a photo he took in Bar Harbor, Maine on August 30, 1951. The car is a Triumph which appears to be wearing a British and also a 1951 South Carolina license plate. We are hoping that our readers will tell us all about this car. There appears to be plenty of Detroit iron in the parking lot, including a mid to late thirties Packard just behind it. Photo courtesy of Joe Puleo.

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After The Game One Hundred Years Ago

Celebrating after the football game is nothing new. This one hundred year old postcard by George Markendorff  of New York, shows us the merriment by the fans on the way home from the game. The Old Motor postcard.

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The George Washington Bridge

If the George Washington Bridge and I-95 are part of your travel plans this Thanks-giving holiday weekend, keep this photo taken on the same weekend in 1956, fifty-five years ago in mind. This photo shows us four lanes of traffic in both directions with the bridge totally filled.

We just posted this photo, to show you regardless of where you will be traveling on this upcoming Sunday afternoon and evening, to think ahead and travel safe and have a great weekend. The Old Motor photo.

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