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Celebrity Car

Not quite the paparazzi photo you see today, but here is an early photo of baseball star Honus Wagner who played from 1897-1917 and was in the first class elected into the Hall of Fame in 1936. The car is an unknown (to me) 1911 or 1912 of considerable size.

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A Little Of This A Little Of That….

US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Edward H. Risher, stationed in Wethersfield, England, started out with a Ford Anglia chassis when he decided to build a special. It features the following, wing tanks from a T-33 jet trainer, a cut Chevy hood, Austin Bantam wheels, and a rear window from a 1940s Ford for a windshield.

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Tuffy’s Racing Team

A championship or sprint car is show being raised to enter an airplane so that it can be sent along on its way. The man with his back to the camera is wearing a Tuffy’s Racing Team jacket. Hopefully one of our viewers can fill in the details on the racing car.

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