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The South Park Garage

This is a very neat photo of a 1905-07 Locomobile 35-40hp Model H or F that was con-verted into a tow car. Note all the tackle and ropes, plus a towing pole mounted on the side. In the very back in front of the spare tire is a set of wheels for bringing in a…

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More Locomobile ’30’

One of my favorite Locomobile photos is from one of their advertising brochures from 1910. The brochure details the trip of a Locomobile ’30’ around India and the Middle East. This photo is captioned “Waiting for Ferry, Kalyan, India. The tires are covered to protect them from the sun.”

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Locomobile 30 HP Factory Photo

This a Model 30 Locomobile which was first introduced a few years before 1911. It was a fine 30 hp shaft-drive car that was good either in the city or out on the open road. 1911 was also the first year for its big brother, the Model 48 six-cylinder car which we will cover another…

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Aston Martin At LeMans And The Mille Miglia

A great photo courtesy of very well know automotive journalist Karl Ludvigsen and the Ludvigsen Libary. The photo was taken at the works, showing preparation for LeMans in 1935.  The 1.5 litre Aston Ulser driven by Charles E.C. Martin and Charles Brackenbury     finished third. The race was won by Johnny Hindmarsh and Luis Fontes driving a Lagonda…

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