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A Dodge Depot Hack

This photo appears to be of a brand new Dodge Brothers depot hack, possibly before delivery. This car with the combination of the wooden hack body and the accessory wire wheels was quite costly. Having researched cars with this type of body before, we have found that they ended up being more expensive than any…

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The Chicago Made Staver

The Staver was manufactured in Chicago by the Staver Carriage Company from 1907 until 1914, it was also know as the Staver-Chicago. The firm started out with high wheelers but soon changed to conventional four cylinder models. The most deluxe Staver manufactured was the 1914 Staver 65 with a 452 c.i. six. The car in…

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Well Lubricated

From the looks of this duo, on what looks like maintenance day on the farm, they look like they may be well lubed. The roadster is kind of hard to ID all covered up like this, but chances are one of our eagle eyed readers will be able to spot something on this car so…

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