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1905 Rambler

The Seal Cove Auto Museum has sent us this suburb, clear and detailed photo of a 1905 Rambler. The two old timers in the front appear to be chauffeurs judging by their clothes and hats, for the young ladies in the back seat. Rambler at this time manufactured both a 18 hp Type I and…

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A 1906 Lozier At The Factory

A 1906 Lozier at the first factory that they were produced in at Plattsburgh, New York. It is the third in a series of photos from a women whose grandfather was the business manager of the highly regarded firm. He is seen standing with the car in front of what may have been the companies…

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An English Maudslay Mate?

Our good friend and restorer extraordinaire Eddie Berrisford from England sent this photo he took in France some years ago, after seeing the photos of the 1908 Matheson engine. He is not positive but he thinks that it is an English Maudsley. Can any of our readers identify this interesting design? The following words are…

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