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Mr. Green Visits With Us Again

Mr. Green whom we have seen before on these pages is back in his Automatic Electric Pleasure Vehicle, for one more visit along with his dog this time but without his radio. This press photo lists him as living in New Bedford, on his two hundred acre estate, so hopefully we now know were he was…

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Come Fly With Us….

An interesting photo of a circa 1905-07 Oldsmoble with what I like to call butterfly fenders. This was a styling craze from that time and it was used by more than a few American makers. This Oldsmobile appears to possibly be a brand new car which is participating in some type of event in Denver,…

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Our Last Snow Photo?

I hope this is the last photo of a snow scene that I post this year. Here at The Old Motor it is snowing again, but not as bad as it did in this photo taken in Truckee, California. From the looks of this scene, there appears to be close to three feet of snow…

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