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Ready to ride…

This young child seems ready to go. The caption is what makes it, I think. “Papa couldn’t come, but he sent me to take you to ride”. The car is an unknown chain-drive, but much smaller than most that employed that method of power to the rear wheels. Does anyone know what it is?

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Well-used Locomobile

This photo shows a 1909 or 1910 Locomobile Model L or 30, which was their “smaller” offering. It used a 4-cylinder T-Head engine and shaft drive on a 120″ wheelbase. This photo was taken in 1917 after the rear seat had been removed to carry more people.

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This 1910 Cole is covered with souvenir pennants, no doubt from some of their travels. Most cannot be made out, but the one on the hood is from Kentucky. Two are “RS.H.S.” and “S.H.S.”, perhaps high schools, making it a bit more unusual.

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