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Four Fun Friday Kodachrome Car Photographs No. 206

Today’s lead image contains a tastefully executed mild 1950s “California Custom” convertible. The only visible modifications are the addition of a custom grille, windshield-mounted spotlight, different hubcaps and the plastic center of the hood badge has been omitted. It may have been lowered all around, although it at least appears to have a forward rake….

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Young Speed Demons with Their Bub Speedsters

We are back in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area once again today with a set of racing-related images taken by photographer Roman B.J. Kwasniewski in 1920 next to a park. The Model “T” Ford-based specials apparently were constructed by the young men sitting in them and are fitted with attractive speedster bodies and accessories built by…

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Take a Colorful Trip on Sunset Strip

The world famous “Sunset Strip” is a one and a half-mile section of Sunset Boulevard located in West Hollywood, California. The roadway extends west from the border of West Hollywood and Los Angeles to Beverly Hills. Sunset Boulevard is a twenty-two-mile-long thoroughfare that travels west from the Little Armenia neighborhood located near the Hollywood Palladium…

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