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Drawing a crowd

I’m not sure why the crowd has gathered. I don’t imagine it was for the car-a 1913 Cadillac-unless they were giving rides. The license plate is a 1914 New Jersey. One would think an auto would not be such a curiosity in NJ by that late date.

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Lots of traction

At least you would think it wouldn’t be a problem with six people aboard and tire chains on the back. The car is a 1904 Autocar with a two-cylinder engine. Notice the left-hand drive; an unusual feature in automobiles this early.

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Hand on the door

Does that mean he’s ready to jump? Is this a driving lesson? The car appears new-note the shiny paint. It is a 1915 Buick Model C-36-the larger of two four-cylinder offerings from Buick that year. They also made a six-cylinder. It has a 1915 NJ license plate on the front.

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