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You’ve got mail

In my opinion, everything about this photo looks odd. The mailman seems to have shiny new boots and a clean uniform. The 1911 Flying Merkel parked somewhere on a Washington, D.C. street looks like it was riden or pushed off the showroom floor. I wonder if this is a publicity shot.

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Earl Cooper

A Stutz again, this photo shows a smiling Earl Cooper behind the wheel. This may possibly be Cooper at the 1912 Santa Monica Road Races. This Stutz is a very early model judging by it’s chassis and radiator details which I have seen both in other early photos and on the early cars that have…

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Here’s a 1909 or 1910 Washington. Washington’s were built in Hyattsville, MD from 1909-1912. This one shows a 1910 Maryland license plate on the front. They were a traditional 4 cylinder, 30-40 hp car. They were  fairly low production, but fortunately one survives to this day.

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Fast Fliver

A photo of the front yard of an unknown Ford dealer. The surroundings appear to be full of Model T’s (Flivers) in for repair but the object of interest in this photo is the T speedster that everyone is gathered around. Looks to be a factory made conversion body with some added disc wheels or…

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A Monster Winther Snowblower

We are in the middle of an old fashioned New England blizzard this morning with snow coming down at the rate of two inches an hour. This lead me to thinking about photos with snow, but then I remembered these incredible photos of Winther rotary snow plows as they called them at the time. This…

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