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A Modern Ford Garage

A fully equipped Ford garage containing engine rebuilding machinery which can be seen against the back wall. Some or all of it maybe K. R. Wilson equipment, which was by the maker who produced the best that could be had at the time. Many Ford garages purchased this brand of equipment and did their own…

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The elusive Model K Ford

  Here are a couple photos of a dashing young man in his apparently brand new 1907 Ford Model K Roadster. The Model K was built in both Roadster and Touring form. Both employed a large six cylinder engine, but only a two-speed planetary transmission. Production lasted only a couple years.

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The Overland Lady

In 1910 Blanche Scott became the second woman driver to cross the U.S. from New York to San Francisco. The trip was taken with a female reporter in this very stout appearing 1910 Overland. Blanche took along a container of Atlantic Ocean water to pour into the Pacific. The trip took a little over 2…

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