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Blowing Smoke Rings….

One of the most enduring images of Times Square (in New York) is the Camel Man. The Camel Man blew smoke rings around the clock for decades from a billboard mounted on the Claridge Hotel on Broadway between 43rd and 44th Streets. The billboard became a New York fixture for 25 years until the hotel,…

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A transitional year

The year 1911 into 1912 was a transitional year for the automobile industry. Cars were starting to incorporate electricity in the starting and lights. Visually, the biggest difference was the introduction of front doors on most cars. This car is a Reo. It is probably a late-1911 because typical 1911 Reo bodies had a “step” under the…

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The Monster

This is an incredible car that has been written about many times in the past. It is not my intention to go much into the history of the car, but to show these pictures and the details from Michael Sedwick’s book below. This itself book is dated, being published in 1973 but the details give…

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