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Hudson Friends

A group of friends posing with a 1913 Hudson on a bridge, possibly on a spring day in 1914  judging by what appear to be buds on the trees. Note the front tire on the left side of the photo, it looks as though it worn down to the cords.

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The Mayflower And The Defender

Goodyear Tire Company promotional photos dated during 1929, showing the smaller sized Mayflower above with Edward Howland Robinson Green in his electric car. Green was from Buzzards Bay Mass. and this photo could have possibly been taken there. The comment below by Robert Cunningham contains more information about him and the car. Below is the Defender…

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Designed by Englishman H.M. Walters, this little two seater incorporated a 344cc JAP engine and three speed gearbox in a wood chassis and enveloped in a body by the coachbuilders Jarvis of Wimbledon. In 1925 it held the Class J Flying Mile record at Brooklands with a speed of 70.33 M.P.H.

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