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The Gray Wolf

This photo is showing the 1904 Packard “Gray Wolf ” that was driven by Charles Schmidt in the first Vanderbilt Cup Race which was held that year. Schmidt finished 4th in the race averaging 39.0 mph. The race was won by George Hearth in his French Panhard. Note that Schmitt who built this car, had the…

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Ed Winfield

Ed Winfield is shown in his Kant-Skore Piston Special at the Ascot track in southern California in the photo taken during 1924. Winfield was a mechanical genius who developed a very famous flathead Model T Ford engine that was in this car. It featured a two up-two down crankshaft (he changed the firing order to…

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Tustin, California F.D.

An interesting early hose car that is on a converted automobile chassis. This maybe a chemical unit which used a chemical reaction to build up pressure in the tank. It has an appearance that is quite close to that of a 1911-14 Cadillac chassis and perhaps one of our readers will be able to positively…

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The Post Garage

An interesting photo showing the inside of the Post Garage in Middletown, New York. Two early Model T Fords are visible, the nearest one is lettered with the garage name. In the foreground are two Ford  engine assemblies on saw horses.

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