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The Family Buick

A wonderful postcard image of what appears to be a family and a Model F two-cylinder Buick. The license plate appears to be from Illinois and with that maybe one of you plate enthusiasts can possibly tell us what year this was taken?

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Matheson Was Always A Contender

The Matheson automobile first started out in Grand Rapids, MI during 1903. The company ended up buying the Holyoke Motor Works and with it came the brilliant designer Charles G. Greuter. The company ended up in Wilkes-Barre, PA  in March of 1906 and was built there until 1912. In PA they settled down to build…

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Say cheese

What a photo! The blanket, the couple, the pose, the camera cord. The car? When Chris Paulson first identified he believed it was a 1913 Overland Model 69TC-nice mid-sized 4 cylinder. The TC means it is a Touring with a Cowl. Ariejan Bos has done quite a bit of investigation and the closest match he…

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A Cross Engined Franklin

We looked at a photo of one of a cross engined Franklin towing a boat on a trailer a few days ago. The same basic car is shown in this photo for the Wallace Coach & Carriage Works of Minneapolis, MN. The firm had this photo taken to show their skills with trimming, as the photo…

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1906 Stanley

A fleet footed 1906 Stanley model H. This car had the 20hp dry sump engine. At rest, the fine attire makes for a nice photograph. At speed, one would be well advised to wear different clothing and protective eye wear!

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