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Stewart-Garbutt Racer

Perusing through an old list of early racing events throughout America I have in my possession, more often than not I come across the names of racers that leave me bewildered as to the identity of their make and this particular car is no exception. I first read about this automobile in a Los Angeles Times…

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Louisville, Kentucky

This photo taken in 1927 shows a young man from the Louisville Automobile Club. He is using his Model T Ford service car to help a women with her Auburn sedan. The second photo from Louisville taken in 1929, shows the Aetna Oil Service station on Third and Oak Streets. They featured Pennzoil and Benzol-Gas under an…

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The Modern Garage

We called this the Modern Garage because we can see that they have electricity which at the time not all repair shops did. Look closely and you can see the two wires running thru ceramic insulators and a single hanging light bulb. The car on the left is either a 1905 0r 1906 Winton four…

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