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New Tires

This is an interesting photo in a couple ways. Notice the condition of the tires (or at least the right front), and compare it to the fenders. And now notice the condition of the road (or alley) where the photo was taken. The car is a 1910 Buick Model 10.

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The 1904 Matheson Masterpiece

In April of 1903 the new Matheson Motor Car Company Ltd. was organized and this new company purchased the assets of the Holyoke Automobile Company and moved their operations from Grand Rapids, Michigan to Massachusetts. Charles Greuter became the chief mechanical engineer and at the advanced age of thirty-five he acquired the nickname of “Pop”….

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The Seal Cove Auto Museum

We here at The Old Motor are very pleased to announce that the Seal Cove Auto Museum has joined us as a partner. They are going to be sharing some of their photographs that were collected by founder Richard Paine with us. We hope that if you can you will support them and plan a visit…

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The Matheson And The Holyoke

This is another in a series of articles about the Matheson, the changes the car went thru and also background information on the company and the different moves it made. To read about what we have already covered follow this link and scroll down. The Matheson Brothers wanted to build the best car possible and…

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