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Up Against the Wahl….

The Wahl automobile like so many others at the time, was just another under capitalized maker from Detroit. They were only in business during 1913-1914, things were very slow which lead them to even sell their cars without any name on them so a buyer could install their own.  One of the owners George Wahl, evidently…

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Luna Park Motordrome

Not to be confused with the smaller circular drome built in 1911 within the amusement area of Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York, this particular 1/4 mile wooden track was located in Cleveland, Ohio and ironically it too was built inside the city’s own amusement park known also as Luna Park. Built sometime in 1912, it…

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A Winter Front.

In the winter of 1928 a fashionable Lady prepares to board her Packard Sedan . The Packard is equipped with a Winter Front on the grille. The winter front controls the amount of cold air entering the radiator to aid in bringing the engine up to operating temperature. This was from the time before thermostats…

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