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Winter Fun

We have been having a nice snow fall over the last 24 hours here in New England so it’s time to get out some winter photos. This enterprising gentleman turned his cycle into a snow machine so he could enjoy it year round. In the first photo there is a little paddle wheel to the…

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Sporty Cycle

A dashing young man on his motorcycle by an unknown maker posed in front of an Excelsior dealers shop. The tank insignia under magnification appears to spell Jefferson. It is a very attractive and sporty looking machine that I hope that someone can give us a positive ID on.  Note the gasoline sign on the…

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Sorry Charlie

An early fifties Ford at a typical of the period gas station. This unknown newspaper archive photo is showing an attendant checking the gas level during gas station strike at a station on Greenfield St., Detroit. Photo dated as Apr 30,1952.

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